Intentional Fathers Raising Sons of Consequence

Raise a son of consequence


You’re probably here for 2 reasons:

No. 1

A deep sense of determination to raise your son with skill and passion and integrity.

No. 2

A sense of being completely overwhelmed with the task of walking your son into manhood.


Maybe your dad dropped the ball. Maybe your dad did the best he could, but it still left you feeling woefully unprepared. Maybe you’ve never even met your dad and you’re haunted by the hole in your life that should have been filled. All of these things normally cause these reactions. A vision to get it right, but a frustration in yourself for not knowing exactly where to start.

Maybe you’ve read a book or two, listened to a talk on the internet, and figure you can just take it from there. But will a camping trip and a couple of pep talks really set your son on the path he needs to navigate the complexities of the teenage years and journey into manhood? We both know its going to take more than that.


I know exactly how this feels. I designed the Primal Path because I felt these tensions as a young father.

I was determined to raise my son well yet I didn’t really have a clue how to do it. So out of vision and desperation I set my heart on the task.

I read widely in the field of men’s ministry, fatherhood studies and male formation and realized that the thing I was looking for to raise my son didn’t exist. So, I worked to create a framework to walk a teenage boy all the way through manhood. I spent six years with my son field testing the material and have curated the core principles for you here.

In the Primal Path course, you will be empowered to build a custom pathway based on your own story and your sons needs to help walk him from adolescence into manhood.

You will begin by confronting your own wounds, then discovering the wisdom and values from your own life, then move through a strategic framework to impart these into your son’s life. Drawing from timeless wisdom, biblical truth and personal story you will be create the thing you wish you had during your formative years.


The course contains 14 video & audio units to build your own version of the Primal Path and a 77 page field guide to personalize the material.

I believe that when you are done you are going to hold a remarkable plan and pathway in your hands to raise your son and start a new family legacy.

I genuinely honor you for your resolve to raise your sons right.

Lets go.


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  • Stream over 2.5 hrs of video & audio teaching

  • 77-page workbook